Life In Indy

Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana, is the 12th largest city in the United States and one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It is one of the top 25 most visited cities in the country, in part due to being a powerhouse in the sporting event and convention industries.

Indianapolis has shed its image as a Rust Belt city, due in part to an aggressive downtown revitalization campaign. The diversification of the city’s economic base since the 1960s has also contributed to this transformation.

Indianapolis has hosted Super Bowl XLVI, the 1987 Pan American Games, both Men’s and Women’s NCAA Final Fours, the Big Ten football and basketball championships, the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, the United States Grand Prix, and is perhaps most famous for the annual Indianapolis 500.


Indianapolis boasts one of the most comprehensive health networks in the nation. It is home to the IU Health Network and School of Medicine, one of the largest research hospital networks in the U.S. That same network also houses the Riley Hospital for Children, which is consistently in the top rankings for children’s hospital. Indianapolis also is home to St. Vincent Hospital, Community Health Network, The Indiana Heart Hospital, and Franciscan St. Francis Hospital, all nationally recognized health providers.

Moving to Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a great place to relocate. With one of the lowest costs of living among large cities in the nation, incomes reach much further than just about anywhere else.

Indianapolis $50,000.00
San Francisco $81,589.00
Los Angeles $71,841.00
New York $82,985.00
Boston $80,398.00
Seattle $70,945.00

Another perk of Indianapolis is its compact design. Everything in town is within a half hour commute, giving new residents a guarantee of finding a great home, no matter what style they’re looking for. The city offers everything from downtown condos and urban lofts, to historic and charming midtown homes, and even newly constructed homes in great neighborhoods all around the city.


Indianapolis is not only the Crossroads of America from a geographical standpoint, but from a cultural one as well. There are a multitude of local restaurants, museums, art fairs, and theater districts all around the city that cater to just about every individual’s needs.

The city is home to hundreds of local parks, an extensive and growing network of bikeways, with over 200 miles of new bike lanes planned for the near future, and a many natural destinations available for recreation and relaxation.

Indianapolis also has several distinct cultural districts that have developed throughout the years.

Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is on the near north side of Indianapolis, and is a cultural mecca for much of the city. It contains a wide variety of dining options, boutique shops, corner pubs, and a vibrant nightlife, all nestled conveniently between the popular north side suburbs and downtown.

Mass Ave

Massachusetts Avenue, or Mass Ave, is the road that extends northeast from downtown Indianapolis. It’s also the location of great dining, local art, and a great scene for entertainment. It houses destinations such as the Athenaeum and the Murat Theatre, both sites for live bands, musicals, and other exciting forms of entertainment.

Wholesale District

The Wholesale District sits at the heart of Indianapolis. It has more than 85 dining options, and over 13 hotels, including the new JW Marriott, the world’s largest. It’s also home to Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the 2012 Super Bowl, Victory Field, recognized as the “Best Minor League Ballpark in America”, and Conseco Fieldhouse, voted the number 1 venue in the NBA.

Additionally, there is a vibrant nightlife along Meridian Street, and a completely indoor downtown mall that connects to many of the downtown hotels through tunnels and walkways, ensuring that weather won’t slow you down.

Indianapolis Fast Facts

  • Indianapolis is home to the world’s largest children’s museum in both square footage and number of artifacts.
  • Forbes ranks Indianapolis as one of America’s Top 25 Best Shopping cities with 18 different shopping centers and 5,955 retail locations.
  • Indianapolis is second only to Washington D.C. in its number of monuments and memorials (33).
  • Indianapolis boasts the first international airport designed and built after 9/11, rated number one in security by travelers in a J.D. Power & Associates poll.
  • Indianapolis has more hotel rooms (4,717) connected via climate-controlled skywalks than any other city in the nation.
  • Indianapolis is home to the two largest single-day sporting events in the world, the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400.
  • The Indianapolis Zoo is the first in the nation to be credited as a botanical garden, zoo and aquarium.
  • The Indy 500 track is so large that Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Roman Coliseum and Vatican City can all fit inside the iconic oval, covering 253 acres.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, host venue for the Super Bowl in 2012, has the NFL’s largest retractable roof–it takes eight minutes to open.


Local Attractions

Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome
Indianapolis Zoo
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Historic Fountain Square
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Victory Field
Eagle Creek Park
Indianapolis City Market
Klipsch Music Center
Indiana State Museum
Hilbert Circle Theatre
The Murat Centre
Conner Prarie
Indianapolis Art Center
Indiana/World Skating Academy
Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre
Col. Eli Lilly Civil War Museum
National Art Museum of Sport at University Place
Indiana Repertory Theatre
Indiana History Center
Hoosier Park

Higher education

Indianapolis is home to several higher education institutions, including Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Butler University, the University of Indianapolis and Ivy Tech Community College. In addition to a strong education base, businesses benefit from the close proximity of nationally recognized schools such as Indiana University, the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

The Rise From The Middle” Why Indianapolis is the place to be… Even over California!

(from the comments)

“While I come from a [very] different perspective I agree a lot with the above. I went to school in So Cal for a while and while that area fit my industry at the time (golf) better I chose to live in Indy. I’ve since moved into the online world and have seen the growth you speak of from near the inside and it’s really cool to see on lots of levels. Hopefully once the growth reaches that tipping point Indy doesn’t lose its charm and the collaboration that makes it a great place to start a company, live and work.”
- Chris Theisen

“I think that there are two things that really make this the place to be for tech right now.

  1. Massive amount of late technology adopters (manufactures and large multi-brand organizations) now ready to adopt what we all have been pushing for for years. This allows those of us in the tech space the opportunity to bring tried and true lessons into a segment that needs our help.
  2. Technology startups (lean startups) starting to move into more of a stable position for the investors that exist here in the midwest… or outside the coasts.

I believe that these two items have begun enough intrigue for people to become tire kickers but together we need to move from kicking tires to using our experience and collective minds to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to be heard and mentored to success. I believe the mentors are here, the mindshare is here and the financial backers are here… now we are waiting for the movement of the risk takers that believe to grow and set this town on fire! Honestly, that fire has started.”
- Michael Coffey


Indy offers a climate that has seasons without the harsh extremes of a desert in the summer or getting your toes frozen off in the winter. In the summer months the average temperatures range from 61 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter it’s cold enough to get some sledding in and have an occasional snow fight with your coworkers.

Company History


  • June – Angie Hicks starts knocking on doors in Columbus, OH to sign up the very first member for “Columbus Neighbors.’
  • October – Angie works her first home show to promote “Columbus Neighbors.” A whopping 50 new members sign up.


  • Spring – “Columbus Neighbors” was renamed “Angie’s List.” Other names suggested included: “The Homeowner’s Fix and Find List,” and “Jackie’s List” (after an investor’s mom).
  • July – Angie’s List buys Unified Neighbors and expands to Indianapolis. UN had 4666 members at the time, which brought the total number of members to 6000. Number of Angie’s List employees – 2.


  • January – Angie goes to Harvard but continues to stay in touch with members while earning her MBA.
  • March – The Penalty Box – which includes the notorious list of companies providing lousy service – debuts in our monthly publication.
  • May – goes live on the internet.


  • September – After years of hearing homeowner horror stories, we announce an annual contest in Columbus, OH to highlight the best (or worst) of them.


  • February – Our website becomes fully interactive.


  • October – Angie’s List welcomes our 100,000th new member – Janet Brackett of Cincinnati, and for the first time, we join the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.


  • June – 25 cities, 91 employees, 172,000 members.


  • August – Angie’s List is in 67 markets, has 212 employees and almost 1/2 million members!


  • May – Angie’s List chosen as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work – #15! First Annual Angie’s List Soap Box Derby!
  • June – Angie’s List is in 124 cities, has 345 employees and more than 1/2 million members! Angie’s List is in the top 100 metro areas by population.


  • March – Angie’s List launches the Health Care categories. Members are now able to give reports on health care providers.


  • March – Angie’s List reaches 359 employees!


  • April 15 – Angie’s List goes international, expanding into Vancouver and Toronto.


  • October – Angie’s List reaches 1 Million members!
  • November 17 – Angie’s List goes public! ANGI stock is traded on NASDAQ.


  • October – Angie’s List reaches 1150 employees


  • October – Angie’s List reaches 1540 employees



  • November – Angie’s List reaches 3+ Million members


  • January – Angie’s List reaches 1,950 employees
  • Culture

    Our Mission

    “Our mission is to help the best consumers find the best service providers and promote happy transactions.”

    Angie’s List is a growing entrepreneurial environment, and we’re dedicated to our employees’ personal and professional development. Our work is challenging, and we manage to have fun along the way. We have even been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work. We’re committed to finding and retaining the industry’s best talent, and go above and beyond to provide our employees with first class benefits. At Angie’s List, we invest our resources into growing our business and our people.

    Angie on building an effective culture…

    “Getting the right mix of people is important.  We get a lot of employee referrals. That’s a byproduct of creating a culture where people enjoy working. They don’t come here because it’s a fancy place to work; they come here because they actually like what they’re doing.”

    Our Core Principles

    • Be honest & respectful
    • Be fun
    • Be frugal
    • Be friendly
    • Be creative
    • Be healthy

    We take Pride in our employees!


    Life Insurance

    Basic Life Insurance Plan — Angie’s List provides a life insurance plan through One America at no cost to you. Additional life insurance plans are available through One America for employees and family members.


    Long Term Disability — Angie’s List is proud to offer free Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage. If you are unable to work, Long Term Disability will pay 66% of your monthly salary after you’re off work for six months.

    Short Term Disability — OneAmerica offers Angie’s List employees a portable Short Term Disability plan (STD). The plan pays a portion of your salary for up to 25 weeks if you are unable to work after the seven-day elimination period.

    Dental Insurance

    Angie’s List provides dental insurance for you through Guardian for preventive, basic and major dental services.

    Vision Insurance

    The vision coverage offered through EyeMed allows you to improve your health through routine eye exams, while saving you money on your eye care purchases.

    Medical Insurance

    Angie’s List offers a consumer driven health plan to its employees, allowing them to be in control of their healthcare expenses and save money.

    On-Site Health Clinic

    Angie’s List has an on-site health clinic that provides excellent care for our employees and their families with no co-pay for the visit. This on-campus benefit allows our employees top care combined with incredible convenience!

    Dependent Child Care Flexible Spending Accounts

    You may be eligible to contribute to a Dependent Child Care Flexible Spending Account. This Flexible Spending Account can provide tax savings on money you choose to contribute.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Angie’s List’s Employee Assistance Program offers assessment and referral services including (but not limited to): Personal concerns (stress, crisis, psychiatric disorders, medical problems, work-related difficulties, marital & family issues, etc.), on-line services, child care, elder care, legal consultation, financial and retirement planning, academic resources, and pet services.

    Paid Time Off

    Paid Time Off (PTO) is offered to all Angie’s List employees who work 20 hours or more per week. PTO includes all vacation days, sick days and personal days.

    Working the Polls

    Angie’s List will allow employees who volunteer to work the polls on Election Day to receive their regular compensation of up to eight hours.

    Bereavement Leave — Full-time employees are eligible for paid Bereavement Leave upon employment.

    Jury Duty Leave — Angie’s List will grant leave to regular full-time employees who must be absent due to jury duty. Angie’s List will pay the employee’s salary (up to five days) when employees are on jury duty leave.

    Maternity Leave – After 12 months of employment with Angie’s List, employees are eligible for six weeks of paid leave for maternity. Qualified employees may take up to six weeks of unpaid additional maternity leave.

    Military Leave — All Angie’s List employees are eligible for unpaid military leave. Employees will be re-employed upon return from Military Leave, in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations.

    Family Military Leave — Indiana Military Family Leave (MFL)
    Angie’s List maintains a military family leave policy. Eligible employees are entitled to take up to a total of 10 working days of unpaid, job-protected leave per one year period for certain family military reasons.


    Employees are eligible for the retirement plan through American Funds. Once eligible, Angie’s List contributes to your account, regardless of your contribution. Unlike many matching plans, the contributions are immediately 100% vested.

    Health and Wellness

    • On-site Fitness Center – Fitness Center on Angie’s List campus available to employees & spouses.
    • On-site personal trainer – Available to train one-on-one with employees five days a week.
    • Pilates – Free classes taught by a Pilates instructor twice a week.
    • Yoga – Free classes taught by a Yoga instructor twice a week.
    • Zumba – Free class taught by a Zumba instructor once a week.
    • Self Defense Classes – Free classes.
    • Fitness Boot Camp – Free classes taught by an instructor four times a week in our fitness center.
    • Weight Watchers at Work – Angie’s List pays for employee memberships for Weight Watchers if they choose. Group meets once a week.
    • Smoking Cessation – Free classes and tools offered for tobacco users who would like to quit.
    • CPR/AED – Free class offered twice a year.
    • YMCA Discount – 15% employer contribution and 12% YMCA discount for each employee’s membership fee.
    • Cooking Club – Meets monthly.
    • Bike to Work – Angie’s List participates in the Annual Bike to Work competition in Indianapolis and has won multiple years!
    • Flu Shots – Flu shots are free once a year for all Angie’s List employees and family members.
    • Massage Therapist – On-site once a week.
    • Pedometers – Provided for free by Angie’s List so you can count your steps to wellness.
    • Biometric Screenings –34 panel wellness screening offered on campus annually
    • Mammogram Van

    Community Involvement

    • Handy Helpers – Members of Handy Helpers are in charge of charitable events and programs designed to raise money for various charities and causes in the community such as Lunch Buddies, school supplies, canned food and adopt-a-family at Christmas.
    • Tree Huggers – Environmental group established to help keep Angie’s List environmentally friendly. This group oversees our recycling program and coordinates earth-friendly programs and events.
    • Stephan’s Club – The top 20% of performers at Angie’s List each quarter are invited to go on an Angie’s List paid day trip with transportation, food, beverages, and fun activities provided.
    • Stan’s Club – The top 10% of performers at Angie’s List each year are invited to an all-expenses paid trip for the employee and guest to a secret location. Past trips include New Orleans, Punta Cana, Caribbean Cruise, The Pro Bowl in Miami, Scottsdale, AZ, and Puerto Rico.


    • Free Parking – All Angie’s List employees enjoy free parking.
    • Cookouts/Pitch-ins – Various social gatherings during business hours on-site, usually including food, beverages and games.
    • Casual Dress Code – Angie’s List employees enjoy a casual dress code, allowing jeans every day and exercise apparel for employees who work out before, during or after work on that particular day.
    • On-site Blood Drive with The Indiana Blood Center each quarter.
    • Free Angie’s List Membership


    Why Our Employees Love The List…

    Keishana White – Operations Call Center
    “I believe that the very best part of Angie’s List is the ability to be who I am. I was very impressed on my very first day by the energy that surrounds Angie’s List. The team dynamic is alive and well here. I feel that there is an honest interest in the individual and in professional development. I am also very happy about the ramped up commitment to Diversity and other core business values that will help Angie’s…”
    Ed RiceEd Rice – Product
    “Product design here puts you at the center of a huge untapped market. We’re designing for something entirely new here. It’s like working at a startup within a company that’s been around for 20 years.”
    Reuben Wilson – Engineering
    “Working at Angie’s List has been the best opportunity of my professional life.  It is constantly a fun place to work with a lot of amazing people, but the true reward is the freedom and belief in their employees to take ownership of what we do and participate in the business.  Angie’s List strongly encourages family balance, integrity, and personal fitness to complement our lives outside the office.”

    What is Angie’s List?

    Plumbers, exterminators, carpenters, electricians, dry cleaners, auto repair, doctors… Angie’s List is a consumer-driven organization that collects customer satisfaction ratings on local service companies in more than 720 categories. We provide an exclusive list of these companies based on feedback from local consumers who know who to turn to when the gray clouds of disrepair loom. It’s the word-of-mouth network solidified into one handy “who can I call” list. We now have well over 3,000,000 members!

    Why You’ll Love the List

    Are you a motivated, entrepreneurial and creative professional? Are you a problem solver who is ready to make an impact? Are you ready for a job where you can have some fun, too? Consider joining the Angie’s List team!

    Angie’s List is a growing entrepreneurial environment, and we’re dedicated to our employees’ personal and professional development. Our work is challenging, and we manage to have fun along the way. We have even been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work. We’re committed to finding and retaining the industry’s best talent, and go above and beyond to provide our employees with first class benefits. At Angie’s List, we invest our resources into growing our business and our people.

    While the categories of service on our List and the functionality we provide our members have expanded, our mission to help the best consumers find the best service providers and promote happy transactions remains the same. Angie’s List is one of the most trusted and recognized websites based in the Midwest, and has been transforming how consumers share information since 1995. Angie’s List is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

    Angie’s List is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. If you need special assistance or an accommodation while seeking employment, please e-mail We will evaluate each request for accommodation on a case-by-case basis.


    PLEASE NOTE:  If you don’t see any open positions that you are interested in, you can still submit your resume and create a profile in our Applicant Database.  This will allow for us to reach out to you directly in the future!  Thank you for your interest in Angie’s List!